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Most Popular
1. Zuma Deluxe (5,503,366 times)
2. Inca Ball (1,181,194 times)
3. Zuma Pinboliada (742,129 times)
4. Antix (595,481 times)
5. Snake Coil (531,145 times)
6. Beetle Bomp (505,588 times)
7. Panda Of Luck (405,166 times)
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (375,908 times)
9. Honey Trouble (355,126 times)
10. Bubble Shooter (351,664 times)
11. Zuma Bear (326,151 times)
12. BlackBeards Island DeLuxe (250,742 times)
13. Aqua Pearls (245,934 times)
14. Zuma Deluxe Clone Bongo Balls (233,566 times)
15. Svetlograd Zuma (220,589 times)
16. Zuma Dynasty (219,912 times)
17. Tom and Jerry at Run Jerry Run (204,928 times)
18. Gold Miner Vegas (191,693 times)
19. Reaktor (152,888 times)
20. Ball of Death (141,888 times)
1. Spider Solitaire org (21,632 times)
2. Reaktor (152,888 times)
3. Zuma Bear (326,151 times)
4. Panda Of Luck (405,166 times)
5. Inca Ball (1,181,194 times)
6. Antix (595,481 times)
7. Snake Coil (531,145 times)
8. Zuma Pinboliada (742,129 times)
9. Beetle Bomp (505,588 times)
10. Zuma Dynasty (219,912 times)
11. March Zuma (94,530 times)
12. Svetlograd Zuma (220,589 times)
13. BlackBeards Island DeLuxe (250,742 times)
14. Bitmap Turret Defence (44,830 times)
15. Tri Towers Solitaire (34,998 times)
16. Puzzle Soccer (19,151 times)
17. The Night Before (14,500 times)
18. Ownage Burst (35,673 times)
19. Gold Miner Vegas (191,693 times)
20. Bubble Elements (100,603 times)
Top Players
1. andrejbt (2,655 plays)
2. Caddyshack (929 plays)
3. ylowayotha (562 plays)
4. Edlin (363 plays)
5. Edlen (360 plays)

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Cartoon Quiz
Cartoon Quiz
Answer different questions about people from Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama a...
(Played: 13,471)
Homer Flanders Killer
Homer Flanders Killer
Make your way through various Simpsons themed levels, in this entertaining sh...
(Played: 32,879)
Homer Simpson soundboard
Homer Simpson soundboard
Simpsons game with a sound board with over 60 of Homer famous lines filled wi...
(Played: 27,709)
Homer's Beer Run
Homer's Beer Run
This is a nice Simpson game. Catch the precious Duff kegs that are falling of...
(Played: 7,542)
Homers Emotions
Homers Emotions
Click on Homer to unleash his inner feelings.
(Played: 19,990)
Los Simpsons
Los Simpsons
Hit anyone that comes into the screen. Test for yourself which character is m...
(Played: 8,109)
Simpsons Ball of Death
Simpsons Ball of Death
Help Homer Simpson to collect objects riding his motorcycle in the Ball of De...
(Played: 10,255)
Simpsons Home Interactive
Simpsons Home Interactive
Simpsons Home Interactive
(Played: 8,450)
Simpsons Intro Remix
Simpsons Intro Remix

(Played: 25,091)
Simpsons Magic Ball
Simpsons Magic Ball
Magic ball is a classic game of memory and skill. First, watch the sequence o...
(Played: 18,225)
Simpsons Millionaire
Simpsons Millionaire
Try to answer as many Simpsons trivia questions successively as possible and ...
(Played: 6,445)
Simpsons Pacman
Simpsons Pacman
Version of Pacman with Homer running from other The Simpsons characters.
(Played: 20,708)
Simpsons Snow Fight
Simpsons Snow Fight
In Simpsons Games Snow Fight use your mouse to aim and throw the snowballs. U...
(Played: 7,018)
Simpsons Spingfield
Simpsons Spingfield
Simpsons Spingfield is a very funny simpson shooting game. To play this game ...
(Played: 6,201)
The Singhsons - parody of the popular Simpsons series.Here is The Simpsons in...
(Played: 16,638)
The Simpsomaker
The Simpsomaker
Click the yellow arrows to design your very own Simpsons character.
(Played: 21,917)
The Simpsons soundboard 2
The Simpsons soundboard 2
Second version of the famous Simpsons pictures soundboard. Select a character...
(Played: 7,740)
The Simpsons Wrecking Ball
The Simpsons Wrecking Ball
Help Homer save his family from police quarantine by using the first thing at...
(Played: 6,808)