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Most Popular
1. Zuma Deluxe (5,544,057 times)
2. Inca Ball (1,185,576 times)
3. Zuma Pinboliada (744,365 times)
4. Antix (597,503 times)
5. Snake Coil (533,181 times)
6. Beetle Bomp (507,596 times)
7. Panda Of Luck (406,999 times)
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (378,561 times)
9. Bubble Shooter (358,838 times)
10. Honey Trouble (357,457 times)
11. Zuma Bear (327,810 times)
12. BlackBeards Island DeLuxe (253,631 times)
13. Aqua Pearls (247,301 times)
14. Zuma Deluxe Clone Bongo Balls (235,106 times)
15. Svetlograd Zuma (223,326 times)
16. Zuma Dynasty (221,889 times)
17. Tom and Jerry at Run Jerry Run (206,998 times)
18. Gold Miner Vegas (193,746 times)
19. Reaktor (154,369 times)
20. Ball of Death (142,895 times)
1. Spider Solitaire org (26,107 times)
2. Reaktor (154,369 times)
3. Zuma Bear (327,810 times)
4. Panda Of Luck (406,999 times)
5. Inca Ball (1,185,576 times)
6. Antix (597,503 times)
7. Snake Coil (533,181 times)
8. Zuma Pinboliada (744,365 times)
9. Beetle Bomp (507,596 times)
10. Zuma Dynasty (221,889 times)
11. March Zuma (95,631 times)
12. Svetlograd Zuma (223,326 times)
13. BlackBeards Island DeLuxe (253,631 times)
14. Bitmap Turret Defence (46,059 times)
15. Tri Towers Solitaire (36,089 times)
16. Puzzle Soccer (20,199 times)
17. The Night Before (15,294 times)
18. Ownage Burst (36,673 times)
19. Gold Miner Vegas (193,746 times)
20. Bubble Elements (102,719 times)
Top Players
1. andrejbt (2,655 plays)
2. Caddyshack (929 plays)
3. ylowayotha (684 plays)
4. Edlin (363 plays)
5. Edlen (360 plays)

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Another funny zuma based game where you have to stop the invaders from reachi...
(Played: 597,504)
Aqua Pearls
Aqua Pearls
Great remake of the classic Zuma Game.
(Played: 247,301)
Shoot and destroy the beads in groups of 3 or more to prevent them from going...
(Played: 112,792)
Beetle Bomp
Beetle Bomp
You have never sweated this much playing a puzzle game before!
(Played: 507,596)
BlackBeards Island DeLuxe
BlackBeards Island DeLuxe
Shoot the colored balls next to other balls of the same color. Don't let them...
(Played: 253,631)
Fruit Twirls
Fruit Twirls
Another Zuma Deluxe clone,this time with fruits that you need to goup 3 or mo...
(Played: 135,492)
Honey Trouble
Honey Trouble
Honey Trouble is a very good looking puzzle game,remake of the famouse Zuma.
(Played: 357,457)
Inca Ball
Inca Ball
Inca Ball is just another Zuma game. You are popping marbles again while you ...
(Played: 1,185,576)
March Zuma
March Zuma
The objective is to match 3 colors of a kind so that the line wouldnt be over...
(Played: 95,631)
Panda Of Luck
Panda Of Luck
Very lovely Panda will throw out many more funny things.
(Played: 406,999)
It's not an traditional zuma game. Press your left mouse button to rotate the...
(Played: 154,369)
Snake Coil
Snake Coil
Throw color ball into snake and it will become a snake segment of snake and i...
(Played: 533,181)
Sushi Zuma
Sushi Zuma
Shoot at groups of items of the same kind and make them disappear.
(Played: 91,828)
Svetlograd Zuma
Svetlograd Zuma
Packs of evil imps are tirelessly assaulting your possessions, corrupting you...
(Played: 223,328)
Zuma Bear
Zuma Bear
Another Zuma clone
(Played: 327,810)
Zuma Clone
Zuma Clone
Shoot the colored balls at the other balls of the same color. Protect your pl...
(Played: 116,146)
Zuma Deluxe
Zuma Deluxe
Shoot magical balls to clear the deadly chain.
(Played: 5,544,057)
Zuma Deluxe Clone Bongo Balls
Zuma Deluxe Clone Bongo Balls
Rotate and aim with the mouse and left click to shoot. Match 3 or more balls ...
(Played: 235,106)
Zuma Dynasty
Zuma Dynasty
Journey through the magical world of Dynasty, where your mission is to free b...
(Played: 221,889)
Zuma Pinboliada
Zuma Pinboliada
Match 3 balls to make them disappear before they get to the hole.
(Played: 744,365)