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Most Popular
1. Zuma Deluxe (5,482,908 times)
2. Inca Ball (1,177,838 times)
3. Zuma Pinboliada (740,443 times)
4. Antix (593,984 times)
5. Snake Coil (529,675 times)
6. Beetle Bomp (504,127 times)
7. Panda Of Luck (403,908 times)
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (374,683 times)
9. Honey Trouble (353,739 times)
10. Bubble Shooter (348,766 times)
11. Zuma Bear (325,211 times)
12. BlackBeards Island DeLuxe (249,657 times)
13. Aqua Pearls (245,354 times)
14. Zuma Deluxe Clone Bongo Balls (232,665 times)
15. Svetlograd Zuma (219,511 times)
16. Zuma Dynasty (218,623 times)
17. Tom and Jerry at Run Jerry Run (204,072 times)
18. Gold Miner Vegas (190,840 times)
19. Reaktor (151,989 times)
20. Ball of Death (141,430 times)
1. Spider Solitaire org (19,542 times)
2. Reaktor (151,989 times)
3. Zuma Bear (325,211 times)
4. Panda Of Luck (403,908 times)
5. Inca Ball (1,177,838 times)
6. Antix (593,984 times)
7. Snake Coil (529,675 times)
8. Zuma Pinboliada (740,443 times)
9. Beetle Bomp (504,127 times)
10. Zuma Dynasty (218,623 times)
11. March Zuma (94,007 times)
12. Svetlograd Zuma (219,511 times)
13. BlackBeards Island DeLuxe (249,657 times)
14. Bitmap Turret Defence (44,273 times)
15. Tri Towers Solitaire (34,638 times)
16. Puzzle Soccer (18,740 times)
17. The Night Before (14,168 times)
18. Ownage Burst (35,261 times)
19. Gold Miner Vegas (190,840 times)
20. Bubble Elements (99,699 times)
Top Players
1. andrejbt (2,655 plays)
2. Caddyshack (929 plays)
3. ylowayotha (533 plays)
4. Edlin (363 plays)
5. Edlen (360 plays)

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3D Reversi
3D Reversi
A nice version of Reversi where you battle for control over the board by taki...
(Played: 9,167)
Age of Castles
Age of Castles
Age of Castles is completely addictive strategy game fun. Battle over 60 enem...
(Played: 7,426)
Battleships classic
Battleships classic
The classic game has now gone online, play the computer and see who can sink ...
(Played: 5,582)
Blob Wars
Blob Wars
Chess like game featuring cute Blob as the pieces
(Played: 4,796)
Dynamic Lines
Dynamic Lines
Make lines of three or more of the same colour by moving balls, but if you do...
(Played: 9,547)
Exmortis 2
Exmortis 2
In Exmortis 2 it appears as if demons have taken over the world and they are ...
(Played: 5,170)
Feudalism is an strategy with open world, so you can go wherever you want and...
(Played: 21,375)
Fish Tycoon
Fish Tycoon
Fish Tycoon is a game very similar to the ever-popular Insaniquarium where yo...
(Played: 8,598)
Flash Ludo
Flash Ludo
This is a flash remake of a classic Indian game called Pachisi. Played by emp...
(Played: 7,604)
Before your body temperature drops, you must escape. And what's all that bloo...
(Played: 12,871)
Lords III Catapult
Lords III Catapult
Hit the enemy Keep with your Catapult
(Played: 9,633)
Mcdonalds Game
Mcdonalds Game
Your objective in this complex strategy game is to make money in big corporat...
(Played: 39,086)
Nightmare Escape
Nightmare Escape
Nightmare Escape
(Played: 6,516)
Submachine 4
Submachine 4
Make your way around by clicking on the screen in different locations.
(Played: 15,798)
Territory War
Territory War
Two teams battle it out in this stickman war game. Take turns in trying to el...
(Played: 18,197)
The Bank Robber
The Bank Robber
You are an ex-convict and you need to put together a team to achieve a massiv...
(Played: 15,372)
The Night Before
The Night Before
A fun point and click adventure. You need to get to the cellar and test the b...
(Played: 14,169)
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe
This classic game (aka Noughts & Crosses) now comes online where you can eith...
(Played: 9,540)