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Zuma Deluxe | Play Zuma Online at Free Web Games > HOT Games > Tom And Jerry Refriger Raiders

Play Tom And Jerry Refriger Raiders

Tom And Jerry Refriger Raiders Info
Title: Tom And Jerry Refriger Raiders
Description: First Game: Move Jerry using the Arrow Keys. Pick up and drop food to a hungry Nibbles with the Space Bar. The higher the drop, the more points you'll earn. Be careful: if Tom hits you three times, it's game over. Second Game: Move Tom using the Arrow Keys. Press Space Bar to throw water balloons at Jerry & Nibbles. You can only miss five times.
Played: 22,876
Added: 4 July 2007
Comments about Tom And Jerry Refriger Raiders
Guest (10 May 2011):
Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink  Wink
Guest (10 May 2011):
this games are very nice
I LOVE THEM Wink  Happy
Guest (19 February 2011):
Guest (19 February 2011):
hi  Wave  Cool  Clap hands  Sad
Guest (2 February 2011):
this game is very funny
Guest (26 September 2010):
averige game Wink
Guest (22 August 2010):
this game is fantastic Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
Guest (21 August 2010):
i luvvvvvvvvvv this game this is fantastic game i ever played Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Wave  Wave  Happy  Happy
Guest (17 February 2010):
Clap hands pefekt
Guest (12 December 2009):
superb game Wave
Guest (5 December 2009):
Guest (23 October 2009):
hahaaaa Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Clap hands
Guest (12 August 2009):
Hmm...  Cool  Sad  Cool  Wave  Sad  Happy  Hmm...  @  Cool  Wave
Guest (12 August 2009):
Guest (10 June 2009):
Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool it is so cool
Guest (3 February 2009):
Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
Guest (9 March 2008):
misto  Cool  @  Wave  Clap hands  Hmm...  Happy  Sad  Wink  Wink

Guest (29 September 2007):
it is just fun games Wave  Wave      

Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool
Guest (23 September 2007):
Wave  Wave  Wave  Wink  Wink  Wink  Sad  Sad  Happy  Happy  Happy  @  @  Cool  Cool  Cool  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Hmm...  Hmm...
Guest (23 September 2007):
Guest (20 September 2007):
dumb lol no really vis is dum
Guest (20 September 2007):
i like this game  Wave  Wave  Wave
Guest (20 September 2007):
Cool  ths game is cool yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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